Can BE Ultimate print a design from another company?

Sharing information about printing designs that have been previously created by other companies.

In most circumstances, the answer is no. 

We'll never print a design that another company has created. Even if you have paid for the design from another supplier, oftentimes those design costs are subsidized, with that we wouldn't want to disrespect other designers like that. 

If your team owns the artwork, you can definitely discuss this with your sales rep. But please keep in mind that it's very difficult to print a design that has already been created elsewhere. Inevitably there will always be comparisons to the original and it's just not possible to replicate designs like-for-like even when using the same source file. There are huge differences in technique, hardware, and software between different companies, and even small things like fabrics and humidity can play a huge part in how the finished product looks. 

In most cases, we find it a safer play to take inspiration from the past for a new design, or completely refresh things for a new season.