Can BE Ultimate reprint our design from previous years?

Sharing information about the possibility of reprinting designs from previous seasons.

If your order was placed within the last 365 days, there's a very high chance that we can re-print the design exactly as the original. 

If the design has not been ordered in more than a year or so, there is still a good chance we can complete a reprint successfully, but please be aware that especially if it’s been a few years, we cannot guarantee things will look exactly the same. Any change in hardware, software (printer updates and upgrades), or even the conditions of the printing room (like the humidity, or season!) can have a large effect on the design.

If the order has not been reprinted in multiple years, the chance that we're able to print the same design goes down even further, as there is a limit to how many designs we can store on file at any one time. 

In most cases these issues are minor or not relevant, but if you have any concerns please don't hesitate to raise the issue with your sales rep.