Can I place or add an order after the store has closed? (team orders)

Sharing information about adding orders after an order deadline has passed.

Unfortunately, once a team order has begun production it is difficult to add an order on without disrupting the timeline of the original orders.

Whenever a new item enters the production cycle, we are able to guarantee the turnaround timeline of it. By adding a new item to an existing order, technically we have to "reset" that guarantee for the first order, causing delays to when the majority of the team would expect their gear.

If that's not an issue, adding a single item on is often possible. If that is an issue, the only way around it is to treat the additional order as a completely separate placement, including invoicing for a separate stand-alone shipping charge.

We would encourage teams and players to get their orders in as timely as possible during the store opening period and for Captains especially to double check the list of orders that we'll share to ensure everyone is in and accounted for to avoid any issues like this.