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How can I ensure the delivery goes smoothly?

Sharing information on how to best ensure your package arrives safely and smoothly.

As soon as the package is en route to you directly, you'll receive a tracking number via email. We recommend checking this frequently to ensure you know when your gear is set to arrive. In most cases, you should be able to sign up for email or text notifications whenever the status updates, which we would recommend. 

Ideally, you or someone you trust will be at your address to receive the package from the delivery company. This will ensure the smoothest reception.

If you are unable to be present on the day of delivery, we suggest trying to rearrange delivery (by contacting the shipping company directly) which is often quite simple to complete. Alternatively, consider having the package delivered to a communal area like a workplace or office. 

If you want to adjust your shipping address after the items have been shipped, you will have to reach out directly to the courier company. However, if we have not yet shipped your items, we should be able to still adjust your shipping address. Reach out to your sales rep to adjust your address.