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What is a Fan Store, and how can my team set one up?

Sharing information about how individual teams can set up Fan Stores to fundraise.

Fan Stores are a unique type of store that we offer teams working with us who might be interested in showcasing their designs to the wider public and potentially earning the team some fundraising by way of commission!

There are three key differences between a Fan Store and our regular Team Stores:

Firstly is that the Fan Store will always be set for direct shipping, meaning that any orders placed will ship directly to the person who places the order. On checkout, folk will be prompted to enter a shipping address, and pay for the shipping service they wish. This differs to the group ship option that is typically used for team stores. 

Secondly is that the pricing will always be at our retail price, with the team earning a commission on any sales. This differs from the team discount pricing that is typically afforded on team stores. 

Lastly, the Fan Store will likely be a more limited offering. While we would love to offer the full range of products, it's not always practical, so taking some time to consider which items you think will be popular with potential fans is advised. We'll also only ever offer items that the team has purchased previously, as we aren't able to offer new or unique items within a Fan Store. Generally, we suggest having items available at a wide range of price points; some smaller, cheaper items like Hats or Socks pair really nicely with the bigger ticket items like playing kit and Sun Hoodies. 

We would suggest the perfect time to run a Fan Store is after the team has received the gear themselves, or toward the end of the season. By that point, potential Fans will likely have seen the gear (either online or in person) and there will likely be peak interest in supporting the team. You could, for example, directly tie the timing to a fundraiser for Nationals expenditure, for example!

Your sales rep will be able to help coordinate launching a Fan Store for you and your team.