How can my team start a re-order?

Sharing information about the re-ordering process.

Completing a reorder is really simple, as the majority of our products have no minimum quantities to order. Even if you need just one or two jerseys later on in the season, or in the following year, we can help!

The first step would be to consider how many people on the team are looking to re-order. It might make sense to wait until a larger number of folk on the team are ready to order again, as there will be shipping costs involved that might be more expensive than the initial order. If you can elicit interest from more of the team then you'll all save some money on shipping via a larger group ship order. 

The next step would be to reach out to your sales rep to discuss setting up another online collection or order sheet. We should be able to complete this fairly quickly, and production will also be speedy as we will have retained all the designs on file for this very reason.