How does your online collection work?

Sharing information about completing a team order with the Online Collection ordering method.

Completing a team order using our online collection is incredibly simple, and allows your team to browse, order, and pay, for the gear they want to order directly with us. 

Once your designs have been confirmed, your sales rep will upload the various products to a team specific collection. You can then share that link with the team and prompt them to browse, order and purchase any items they wish. It will look something like this:


Online ordering

The information at the top displays how long is left before the collection closes, an estimate on how long production will take once the store closes, and the shipping method selected that'll be used to send the gear to the team. Please be sure to double check these!

Payment is collected on checkout by each individual, and the items will be shipped in one of two ways: GROUP SHIPPING (where all items will be shipped to the captain for distribution; it's cheaper, and generally what most teams will select) or DIRECT SHIPPING (where each player will be prompted to enter their own shipping details on checkout).

We'll be able to provide a link to an online portal showing the Captain or Team Manager exactly who's ordered and their order details. This will help them coordinate by knowing who needs an extra reminder before the store closes, and ensuring everyone has entered the correct numbers, etc.

When the countdown reaches zero, and the store is set to close, the sales rep will likely reach out to confirm your team is all set. At this point we can extend things, but please understand that will have a direct effect on the turnaround and delivery time, so if you have a strict deadline, then it's important to ensure that everyone who needs to order has done so by the time the store closes.

There are cases where a sales rep will decide, perhaps informed by previous discussions, to close the store without having confirmation from the team. This will happen rarely, and generally only when a sales rep decides that closing the store immediately is needed to keep the project on track. Do not expect this in most cases, though, as we will more likely have to wait for confirmation that the team is completely set. 

Once confirmed, the page will be taken offline and production can begin. Orders are now locked in and edits, changes, or cancelations, are no longer possible.