How does your online collection work?

Sharing information about completing a team order with the Online Collection ordering method.

Completing a team order using our online collection is incredibly simple.

Once your designs have been confirmed, your sales rep will upload the various products to a team specific collection. You can then share that link with the team and prompt them to browse, order and purchase any items they wish. It will look something like this:


Online ordering

The information at the top displays how long is left before the collection closes, how long production will take, and the shipping method selected.

Payment is collected on checkout by each individual, so no need for you to chase people up for money months after the season has ended.

We'll be able to provide the team captains a report that shows exactly what has been ordered. This report will refresh every 30 minutes, keeping you updated with who's ordered, and more importantly, who has yet to order!

When the collection is set to close, the page will be taken offline and production can begin.