How long before I receive my team gear after I place my order?

Sharing information about how long you can expect to wait until your team order is delivered.

There are a lot of factors that go into this answer!

Firstly, your individual order will only going into production after the wider team collection has closed. This can be 1-2 weeks (or even longer) after you have placed your order, as we wait for your teammates to finalize their orders. Production typically begins after the online collection has expired and all orders are then submitted into production.

After this, the Captains on the team still have to approve the test prints of your design. This process is generally quite fast (3-5 days on average) but can be longer if your design is complicated, or if your captains make any last minute changes to the designs.

Full production will then begin, and in most cases we'll be shipping the entire order to one of your Captains when the gear is complete. 

Typically they will then bring the package to the next team event or practice, though of course that's a decision entirely for the Captains. 

That is to say: there are a lot of factors that will cause your order, as part of a team order, to take time to arrive with you in person, and most of them are completely outside of our control! Your best bet before contacting us directly is to touch base with your Captains in case there is any information they are able to share.