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How often should I complete each phase of the Ignite fitness program?

Sharing a little more information about the Ignite training program.

The Ignite training program helps athletes better prepare their bodies for the rigors that the sport demands. Ultimately, any sort of sport training is something that is super specific to each individual, and it's impossible to dictate a program that each and every individual can (or should) follow. With that in mind, whenever you are consulting the Ignite training resource, above all else you should be prioritizing how your body feels and reacts to the training, making any necessary adjustments to the load and intensity. 

The full warm up and foundation phase is 3 workouts a week for 3 weeks in a row, before moving onto the strength phase of the program, which can be completed at the same frequency.

Athletes should complete each of the three circuits once per week. For example, completing circuit 1 on Monday, circuit 2 on Wednesday, and circuit 3 on Friday.

Just to emphasize: with any training program, it's recommended to adjust this depending on what your individual body needs!