Is it possible to cancel my order?

Sharing information about canceling orders.

In most cases it is not possible to cancel an order once it has been confirmed. We work on incredibly quick turnaround times which often means hitting the printers on the same day any order is received and once we've started, it's simply not possible to cancel an order. 

If your order is part of a larger Team Order, and the online collection is still live, then it is possible to cancel the order up until the moment the collection is processed. After that point in time no cancellations can be made.

If the online collection is still live and you would like to cancel your order, the first step is to check in with your Captain who will either relay the message to the sales rep they have been in contact with. Or they will redirect you to the sales rep. Please make sure you have your order number (typically a 5-6 digit number) readily available for the sales rep to look up your order details accordingly.