My team collection link has expired, can I still order?

Sharing information about what happens when a store closes.

If the countdown timer on your team collection hits zero, and shows 'EXPIRED', your first move should be to contact your team Captain or Manager to see if the order has been confirmed.

Our Sales Reps will, in most cases, wait until we receive full confirmation that everyone who needs to have ordered with your team has done so before we take the stores fully offline. If that's the case, and you can still see the products available, you can continue as normal with your purchase even if the text shows 'EXPIRED' and your order will be included with the rest of your team's.

However, depending on the communication with the Captain, and specifically depending on the team's communicated deadlines for the apparel project, sometimes your Sales Rep will fully close and process the store without full confirmation. If that's the case, and you can no longer see any items within the team collection, unfortunately you will have missed the opportunity to order and will likely have to wait until a future re-order is organized. 

We would encourage you to try and order as early as possible when your team collection goes live so that you aren't holding back the team from hitting any of their specific deadlines.