Should my team use the Online Collection or the Order sheet to complete our order?

Sharing information about the two different methods for placing an order with BE Ultimate.

In general, we suggest that the Online Collection method for ordering is the most smooth. 

This method entails us setting up your very own collection on our website with a wide range of products viewable. Your team can then browse and order at their own leisure, individually pay for their orders directly, avoiding the issue of you having to chase up money well into the season. 

We also recommend the Online Collection for any teams offering more than 3 products. As you can imagine, it's a lot cleaner to display and review multiple products on a web page where you can see the full mock ups of each item, rather than an ever increasing amount of tabs on an Order Sheet. 

However, there are certain cases where completing the order on one of our Order Sheets might be preferable.

If your team - or school or institution - has already collected a team fee that includes the uniform cost, then completing the order using one of our order sheets might be preferable. That way the payment can be done in one single invoice. If you’re still not sure, reaching out to your sales rep will be a good option as they can assess the situation and provide you with a recommendation of why one might be more suitable than the other.