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What are USAU’s uniform rules?

Sharing information about USAU's current uniform guidelines and standards.

USAU recently approved BE Ultimate as an approved Vendor, and below is some information about the requirements for apparel that teams competing in TCT or Regionals/Nationals events should adhere to.

The following information is based on USAU's 2023 uniform guidelines:

Players’ Uniforms

For all USA Ultimate run events (TCT, Sectionals, Regionals, Nationals), all participating players for a given team must wear jerseys of identical color and design.

Jersey: Tank tops (Singlets), Short Sleeve jerseys and Long Sleeve jerseys may all be worn during the same game as long as styling is consistent between all options. We are able to provide teams with a mix of all three products during the team order process upon request. 

Colors: Teams must have two jerseys of distinctly different color, one predominantly white and one predominantly dark. A jersey that is not white does not automatically qualify as a dark. Any color that does not contrast sufficiently with white does not qualify as a dark jersey (e.g., pastels, light yellow, light pink, light blue, etc). Similarly, a jersey that is over 50% white but with another color that does not provide sufficient contrast to other teams’ darks does not qualify as a white jersey.

A useful tool is this Color Contrast Checker, and you should be aiming for a contrast of 6 of more. 

Numbers: Jerseys must have numbers on the back and front of the jersey. The numbers on the back must be at least six (6) inches tall, be one- or two-digit Arabic numerals, be solid and in clear contrast with the jersey. Numbers on the front of the jersey must be at least four (4) inches tall, be located above the waist and clearly visible if tucked in. The front of the jersey is anything on the chest or abdomen; numbers on the front of the sleeves do not fulfill this requirement. No two players on a given team may use the same number or numbers with the same value (e.g., 00 and 0, 01 and 1, etc)

Fonts: Numbers should be easily readable by scorekeepers, who can often be as much as 70 yards away. All digits should be distinct from all other digits. Your sales rep will be able to suggest a suitable font!

Uniform Bottom Style: Shorts worn by players on the field must be of identical color and design. Teams are not required to have numbers on their shorts. However, if teams opt to include numbers, they must be on the front left or right leg of their bottoms. Number placement must be the same for the whole team. The numbers must be at least two (2) inches tall, match the number on the back of their jersey and be in visible contrast with the shorts.

Uniform Accessories: Tights, undershirts, compression sleeves and any other accessories, must be either solid black or coordinated with one team uniform color. Socks that are mid-calf or lower must be black, white or coordinating with one team color. Socks that sit above mid-calf must abide by the tights requirement.

Hats and headbands: Hats and headbands must be either solid black or coordinated with one team uniform color. Special purpose hats and headbands will be permitted with pre-approval of USA Ultimate.


Coaches’ Uniforms

For all USA Ultimate run events (TCT, Sectionals, Regionals, Nationals) all coaches must wear either a uniform of identical color and design as the team, or professional coaching attire as defined below.

Professional coaching attire is defined as any combination of the following:

  • The team jersey or a sleeved shirt/polo that matches the team uniform colors.
  • Business casual attire.
  • Closed toe shoes such as cleats, flats or athletic shoes.
  • Note: Flip flops, open toed sandals and bare feet are not considered professional coaching attire

Coach jerseys and shorts are not subject to the number requirements for players.

It is recommended that uniform accessories, including weather-related gear, tights, undershirts, hats and socks, be of identical or coordinated style and color.


Although this sounds like a lot to remember, our Sales Reps will ensure you are on the right track and are always available to answer any questions you or your team might have.