What are your tailored-to-fit sizing options?

Sharing information about our tailored-to-fit (variable) sizing options.

On many items you might notice the ability to further customize the fit of the finished product by way of our Tailored to Fit sizing options.

On our shorts, for example, we're able to offer each individual the option of having the inseam length customized to be longer, shorter, or the regular length.

On our jerseys, we're able to offer longer or shorter body lengths.

On many long sleeve products, we're able to offer longer or shorter sleeve lengths as well.

We hope that by allowing folks further customization like this, each and every individual is able to find the perfect size and fit for their body. For example, our N-Knit Long Sleeve has 126 different variations to select from across the fit, size and Tailored to Fit options!