What characters or symbols can I have printed on my jersey?

Sharing information about what we are able to print on the back of jerseys in custom name and number forms.

The answer to this question is very case-by-case dependent!

The variability stems from the specific font that the design you are looking to order uses. For example, certain font packages will have been created to include a range of characters ($, π, or ! for example). Other font packages will be more limited, perhaps only contains 0-9 and A-Z, perhaps even without the option for accents. 

We aren't able to control what is entered into the PRINTED NAME or PRINTED NUMBER sections during checkout, so our strong suggestion is to check with your team captain before ordering if you are worried that something might not print.

We'll always do our best to warn you directly via email if what you have entered isn't printable, but we are not liable if what has been entered is edited, simplified, or modified to ensure that printing can be completed.

Additionally, we reserve the right to edit, modify, or remove, any text that is deemed inappropriate or offensive in nature.