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What does being a USAU Approved Vendor mean?

Sharing information about USAU's approved vendor status, and what that means for teams competing in various USAU divisions and tournaments.

USA Ultimate has certified BE Ultimate as an approved uniform provider.

Being an Approved Vendor recognizes that we are knowledgeable on USAU's specific Name/Logo/Uniform Guidelines and requirements, and trusts that we will keep teams informed and on the right lines for the design and production of their apparel.

During the design and ordering process, our sales reps will work with team captains to ensure that their uniforms comply with the guidelines and requirements.

As well, we have the ability to place the USA Ultimate Logo on all uniforms that comply with these Guidelines requirements, which in return means that you can skip many additional steps to be approved at all major TCT events and post season events like Regionals and Nationals.