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What happens if my gear breaks, rips, or snags?

Sharing information about what to expect if the item you ordered with us becomes damaged.

If there is a problem with your apparel, we definitely want to work toward a fix with you. Saying that, it's important to note that damage caused from typical wear and tear should be expected in most cases, especially over the course of a season. 

There are a number of ways the gear can become damaged that would not be covered by any refund policy.

Although our gear is designed to withstand typical play, Ultimate can be particularly intense on apparel with layouts and contact between players being good examples of incidents that might unavoidably cause damage to any apparel.

Another issue that can be avoided is to ensure you are ordering the correct size. For example, our Enduro Socks are designed to fit tight and snug, and equipping a pair that don't fit your feet will likely cause ripping or tearing. 

Products snagging, or pilling, is also possible. We would ask you to take care when handling the apparel as seemingly everyday things like pets, hang-nails, or rough surfaces can all cause damage to your gear. 

If the problem has stemmed from an issue on our end (faulty goods, or damaged during/in delivery) then we will work to get a replacement to you as quickly as possible, and we always welcome feedback with regard to the durability of our products, and hearing about instances of shortcomings here will allow us to better help in the future. 

If you have an issue that you'd like to bring to our attention directly, please consider creating a ticket directly using this form