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What if part of my order is missing?

Sharing information about what the next steps would be if part of your order is missing.

When we're sending hundreds of items to teams, there's always a chance that something went wrong and that an item goes missing. We're here to help if that's the case!

The first thing to do would be to double-check the following two possibilities:

1. Was the item ordered in the first place? Sometimes people think they remember ordering both a light and a dark jersey, but when we double check the records, only one jersey was ever purchased. Checking that the item in question was included on the order summary would be the best first step!

2. Ensure that no one accidentally picked up the item thinking it was theirs. Although we do a good job of labeling every item, there's always a chance that someone picked up something that they hadn't ordered. We find that in 90% of the cases this has happened, so double-check with the team to ensure that isn't the case.

If both of these turn up negative, then please send a quick email to your sales rep. We will be able to double-check our records and get back to you with more information and the next steps.

If it is the case that we've missed an item, we'll rush to get it complete and sent out as quickly as possible. 

If you have an issue that you'd like to bring to our attention directly, please consider creating a ticket directly using this form