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What if there is a problem with the design of my apparel?

Sharing information regarding problems relating to the design of your apparel.

With custom apparel, there's always a chance that things can go wrong. We're here to help if that is the case!

If the problem has occurred on our end then we will offer a Full Return and Re-Do, a Full Return and Refund, or a Partial Refund, whatever suits your team best.

You will likely qualify for this if the received item differs from the confirmed test prints that your captain approved. 

If the item matches the test prints, but you remain unhappy, we still have some options for you.

We can offer a Switch (where you would return the item at your own cost and we would Re-Do the order at a 75% discounted rate). Please note that you would also be responsible for covering the shipping cost of the new item to your address. 

We can also offer a Return, where you can return the item to us (at your own expense) within 3 business days, for a full refund minus a 25% (of retail price) restocking fee. 

If you have an issue that you'd like to bring to our attention directly, please consider creating a ticket directly using this form