What is the difference between Full Sub and Basic Sub?

Sharing information about Full and Basic Sublimation customization options.

Some products will have the option for Full Sublimation or Basic Sublimation.

Full Sublimation customization comes without design restrictions. Any colors, gradients, backgrounds, elements, text or graphics are all covered with Full Sublimation. Prices are all-inclusive of names and numbers. 

Basic Sublimation comes with design restrictions though this varies per product:

For Jerseys, a Basic Sub design is a White Jersey with only a front (full color) logo, player name and printed number (on the back only). 

For Shorts, a Basic Sub design is a solid Black, Light Grey or Dark Grey pair of Shorts with a player number and team logo printed only.

For Reversibles, the Basic Sub design has a limited number of color options (including the most popular options) and includes a front team logo, names, and numbers on both sides of the garment.


Basic Sub Graphic Example-1