What is the difference between N-Knit and Taiga fabric?

Sharing information about the main differences between our N-Knit and Taiga Jersey fabrics.

When developing products for Ultimate players in general, it's important to strike a balance between what people are comfortable and familiar with, and what we find to be the best performing gear possible for the rigors of the sport. 

We believe that having two fabrics available for teams to choose between is the the best way to successfully do just that.

The N-Knit fabric was designed for elite performance. It is typically the fabric we would suggest to teams who are playing tournament style play (multiple games per day for consecutive days). The jersey is going to wick, cool, and allow you to perform your best. 

The Taiga fabric was designed for comfort. It has a more relaxed fit and the silkier nature of the fabric is comparable to many other options available on the market. 

The N-Knit fabric has a textured weave pattern noticeable when looking closely, whereas the Taiga fabric has an overall smooth silky finish.

Feel free to check out our blog article as well about the more specific features of each fabric type. The decision always rests with the team and we would encourage you to reach out to your sales rep if you have any questions left unanswered here. 


See below images for side-by-side comparisons of the two fabrics.

  • in each image: left (N-Knit), right (Taiga)

PXL_20240315_205602534.PORTRAIT    PXL_20240315_205617625.PORTRAIT