What is the difference between Raglan and Set-in-Sleeve fits?

Sharing information about our Raglan and Set-in-Sleeve jersey styles, available for N-Knit jersey orders.

Teams ordering their playing kit in N-Knit Fabric can have the option for it to be produced in Raglan style, or Set-in-Sleeve style. The difference in styles is how and where the sleeve panels join to the main body.

In our Raglan style, the sleeve panel joins all the way at the neck, compared to the Set-in-Sleeve (or SiS) style that joins the front and back panel at the shoulder. 

Generally, this will be decided by the design team depending on what fits best with your final designs, though we do tend to default toward SiS more often. The decision is on a team basis, and no something we can individual alter per order within any one design. 

If you have any questions about these styles, please don't hesitate to reach out to your sales rep directly.