What is the Free Jersey Offer?

Sharing information about our Free Jersey Offer.

Our Free Jersey Offer is as simple as it sounds: we'll help you to create a fully-sublimated custom designed jersey for your team captain to test-drive in person, for free. The only cost associated is the shipping fee to send the jersey to your address.

We've been running this promotion since 2020 in an attempt to provide an easily accessible way for teams to try out our product and service, ahead of any potential team orders. 

We'll take you through the entire process as if it was a full team order (including utilizing our design realization services, and getting you to order online using a discount code for the jersey). 

Once you receive the jersey, any feedback on either the jersey itself, how the design turned out, or any part of the design and ordering process is much appreciated! If you think we're a good fit for you and the team moving forward, we can then continue the conversation to get started with a full team order. 

The perfect time to explore this promotion is during your team's offseason. It's also limited to one per team per season, so please ensure it's only your captains reaching out about it!