What is the Printed Panel Process?

Sharing information about our printed panel process.

Our Printed Panel Process is typically the first stage of full production, and it's when our production team will print out and share images of any sublimated designs for you to review and approve.

We find that by seeing the designs printed out we're able to give you the best possible review of your order before the full order hits the printers. Digital Designs and the 3D renders that we're able to share will give you a good idea of how things will turn out, but this is a fantastic intermediary step in ensuring that you are getting exactly what you expect. 

Generally, wholesale changes at this point are not possible. This means that it's not possible to edit the design in any large or significant way. However, small changes are totally possible. If you spot something that doesn't look quite right, or a color that doesn't work as well as you hoped, we are usually able to offer some solutions and make some suggested edits.

Before moving on from this stage we require the team captain to sign a confirmation document to confirm that you are happy to proceed based on what you see.  

For re-orders, we don't typically run through this process as you can be assured that prints will be the same.