What is your guaranteed turnaround timeline?

Sharing information regarding our timeline guarantee.

Your sales rep should be able to quote two timelines for you:

Firstly, our AVERAGE turnaround time. This is the typical amount of time that gear has taken to be produced and shipped to teams within the last few months. This number will give you a good indication of when you can expect to receive the gear after the order has been placed. 

Secondly, our GUARANTEED turnaround time. This is the timeline that we will guarantee your gear arrives within or before. This number is subject to change but our sales team will always be able to advise you on it. 

We strongly suggest teams plan around the guaranteed turnaround timeline, as it avoids any possibility for missing important events.

If we miss the guarantee by even a day then we will be able to offer you a 50% refund on the purchase AND allow you to keep the gear. It's deliberately a devastating situation for us as we know how important timelines are in our industry, and something we'll do everything we can to avoid from happening!