What's the differences between your Women's and Men's cut?

Sharing information on the differences you can expect between the Women's and Men's cut options on certain products.

When ordering with us, you'll notice that a few of the products have Women's and Men's fit options as well as sizing options. The size charts will list the actual measurement differences between the two options, but this article will hopefully explain what differences you can expect in addition:


For the jerseys, the Women's jersey tapers in at the side of the body and is overall slightly more form fitting than the Men's. With the Men's, you can expect a slightly boxier finish around the sides and shoulders. 


On our Shorts, the Women's fit will have a higher rise (the location where the crotch and leg seams meet compared to the waistband of the garment) compared to the Men's fit. 


The Women's fit Pivot Pants are slightly slimmer around the quad and calve, and also have a higher rise. The Men's Pants have a slightly lower rise and are a little wider down the leg. 


Overall, we'd definitely recommend folks to browse the sizing chart and we're often able to provide samples before ordering if your team might benefit from them. We encourage folks to order whichever fit works for their body regardless of their gender identity.