Where is my gear shipping to?

Sharing information about the destination of your order, when it's placed as part of a larger Team Order.

In most cases, all Team Orders are shipped together as one bulk shipment to one of the Captains. 

We will have confirmed a final shipping address with your Captain a few weeks prior to sending them tracking information.

Once they receive the gear, it will be on them to bring it to the next team event or practice for distribution amongst the team. 

Unless you specifically paid for shipping on checkout, and provided us with a shipping address (NOT to be confused with a billing address, which all orders are required to share) then you can expect your Captain to know exactly where and when the gear will be arriving, so checking in with them is a great first step. 

If they are unable to answer, you can share your order number with us via email (info@beultimate.com) or LiveChat and we can share an update for you.