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Will BE Ultimate sponsor the tournament I'm organizing?

Sharing information about the prospects of BE Ultimate sponsoring the tournament or event you are running.

Our focus as a company is catered toward team orders and providing excellent service for teams looking to organize apparel for their seasons. The skills, and equipment, needed to specialize in tournaments is really quite different, and while there are companies who do focus on this it's never been our main priority! 

Saying that, we'll always consider any proposal that comes our way, particularly if it is being pitched by a team that we have an existing relationship with. Although we'll unlikely be able to attend the event in person, we can sometimes arrange a set up that works by providing merch for you to sell, or items to help with the running of the event (ie. volunteer jerseys or spirit prizes). 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at info@beultimate.com any proposals and we will consider the possibility!