Will my order notes be fulfilled?

Sharing information about what happens to order notes during the production process.

On checkout, you might spot a text box section to leave specific order notes. We cannot guarantee that any notes or requests will be completed through this method and strongly suggest contacting us directly, or your team Captain, if you have any questions while order. 

In general, requests that alter the designs, product, or destination of the order are simply not doable. Some examples of notes that will NOT be possible to follow;

"Can I have my number stitched on my Hat": If there is no option to enter a number on the product, we aren't able to add it on during the production process

"Can I have an extra 4" off the inseam of my shorts": unfortunately, we aren't able to alter our product patterns for a single order like this.

"Can you deliver this to my personal address rather than the team address": Orders set up for team shipping cannot be split up like this and your order will follow the same flow as the rest of your teammates. 

We also occasionally receive requests like "please don't print any number on this garment" despite something having been entered into the "Printed Number" text box. We'll do our best to spot this, but please know that we simply can't spot every instance, and it's possible your garment will be printed with whatever was entered during the ordering process. We have specific help articles to help with that!

To avoid disappointment, we would strongly suggest for you to either reach out directly to your captain or team manager, or to our LiveChat or general inbox (sales@beultimate.com), before confirming your order if you have questions similar to the above examples.